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Uplifting Families

South County Youth Task Force

The South County Youth Task Force (SCYTF) is a volunteer-based, non-political body serving the South Santa Clara County cities of Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and San Martin, California. SCYTF encourages information and resource sharing, advances evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies, and unites South County involved entities towards empowering the community’s youth.


The SCYTF is a collaboration of local governments, school districts, community and faith-based organizations, and law enforcement agencies in South County who are committed to serving, supporting, and uplifting our youth so that they have the opportunity to thrive. 


Our Mission and Vision:

To promote a safe and nurturing community that creates and ensures sustainable access to opportunities, resources, and services for South County youth and their families, while empowering their voice and supporting their growth and success.

To create a community that is safe and free of youth violence where young people are strong, thriving, and connected to their families, schools, and neighborhoods. 

Stay Connected!

Featured Events


Morgan Hill and Gilroy
Library Events

The Morgan Hill and Gilroy Libraries have many great events going on. 


Events and resources for Youth Ages 13-25 in Gilroy and Morgan Hill.


Youth - Come to a safe space to play sports, work out and enjoy other fun games, and activities. 

LGBTQ Youth Space South County Services

Late Night Gym

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