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About Us

The South County Youth Task Force Purpose, Mission and Vision

The South County Youth Task Force (SCYTF) is a volunteer-based, non-political body in South Santa Clara County that encourages information and resource sharing, advances evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies, and unites South County involved entities towards empowering the community’s youth.


The SCYTF is a collaboration of local governments, school districts, community and faith-based organizations, and law enforcement agencies in South County that are committed to serving, supporting, and uplifting our youth so that they have the opportunity to thrive. 


SCYTF members strive to fulfill the collaboration’s Mission and Vision:




To promote a safe and nurturing community that creates and ensures sustainable access to opportunities, resources, and services for South County youth and their families, while empowering their voice and supporting their growth and success.




A community that is safe and free of youth violence where young people are strong, thriving, and connected to their families, schools, and neighborhoods. 


Through its Mission and Vision, the SCYTF seeks to increase the community’s access to services, support, and activities that promote the educational, social, and physical well-being of all South County youth and their families.  The SCYTF was originally created by former Gilroy Police Department Chief Denise Turner-Sellers to provide a forum for information sharing and collaboration on a California Gang Reduction Intervention and Prevention (CalGRIP) grant.  The SCYTF continues to be a forum of information sharing and collaboration and acts as an advisory body for grants submitted by the City of Gilroy on behalf of the SCYTF.  Acknowledging the role of historical and present-day inequities, the SCYTF also works to reduce and eliminate disproportionalities in our community and its institutions that negatively affect youth of color.


The SCYTF is organized into the Policy Team, the Technical Team, and Committees. 

The Policy Team provides leadership and policy direction, evaluates emerging trends, and evaluates and monitors the Technical Team.  The Technical Team carries out the direction set by the Policy Team, uplifts and responds to issues and trends from youth, families, and the community, and implements the Strategic Plan.  SCYTF Committees focus on specific goals and issues and are composed of Policy Team and Technical Team Members.

Strategic Plan

The SCYTF Strategic Plan for 2023-2026, called Project II THRIVE , aims to achieve the multi-sector collaboration's Mission and Vision by responding to current and future challenges and opportunities. The plan was developed through a comprehensive engagement process with South County community and local stakeholders, using restorative listening circles. These circles gathered valuable insights and input from residents as young as 6 to elders in their 80's, conveying their needs, concerns, hopes, wishes and goals for their community, leading to the emergence of several consistent goals and objectives.  SCYTF Technical and Policy Teams will be embarking into a three-year journey to realize these strategic plan goals.

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