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Meet The Team

​The South County Youth Task Force (SCYTF) has Team Members from local and county governments and agencies, school districts, community and faith-based organizations, and law enforcement agencies in South County.  All Team Members and their organizations or agencies are committed to serving, supporting, and uplifting our youth so that they have the opportunity to thrive.   


The SCYTF is organized into the Policy Team, the Technical Team, and Committees.  The Policy Team is made up of executives from SCYTF member organizations and provides leadership, policy direction, evaluates emerging trends, and evaluates/monitors the Technical Team.  The Technical Team is made up of direct-line staff and carries out the direction set by the Policy Team, uplifts and responds to issues and trends from youth, families, and community, and implements the Strategic Plan.  SCYTF Committees include Technical Team and Policy Team members.  The Committees focus on specific goals and issues and are composed of Policy Team and Technical Team Members.

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