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South County H.E.A.L.S!

"Together, we heal to cultivate an inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future, honoring our cultural roots and forging a legacy of peace that will transform future generations to come. For us, by us."

Mission Statement

From generation to generation, we are committed to working as a team to prevent violence and advance health equity, cultivating a thriving and safe community with inclusion and justice.

Vision Statement

​Our vision is to be an exemplary team that:

  1. Inspires others to embrace the principles of inclusion, equity, and justice in all areas of life.

  2. We envision an environment where flexibility and adaptation are key skills, and where empathy and resilience are the foundation of our interpersonal relationships.

  3. We see ourselves as an activating force for intergenerational change, where diversity of opinions and experiences is valued and celebrated.

  4. We aspire to build a thriving community where each member feels valued and empowered, contributing to an environment of collaboration and mutual growth    

Social Determinants of Health


​80% based on our zip code and health behaviors

​20% based on access to healthcare

Communication Structure

The Snowflake model of leadership, adopted by SC HEALS—a new committee of the South County Youth Task Force—organizes a network of interconnected leaders, each overseeing specific aspects of our work. Leadership here is seen not as a position but as a responsibility to enable others to achieve shared goals, particularly under uncertain conditions. This model is integral to SC HEALS, which is part of our broader effort to revitalize the SCYTF structure and establish violence prevention and health equity goals for the South County community. Each leader and workgroup under this model plays a crucial role in ensuring that our objectives are collaboratively and effectively met.

Community Profiles (what is an ACH?)

An Accountable Community for Health (ACH) is a community-driven collaborative dedicated to making lasting and transformational change in the health of a community and forwarding the goal of health equity. ACHs provide residents and key partners from diverse sectors an infrastructure for working together to change systems, advance equity and build stronger, more cohesive communities prepared to address both existing and emerging health challenges over the long term. The ACH’s key roles—elevating community voices, facilitating multi-sector dialogues and aligning organizations and systems—fuels powerful and sustainable changes that reflect the needs of the community.

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